Styles of music lectures

Contents of lectures:
  1. Music introduction.
  2. Elementary percussion instruments, playing accompaniment with percussion instruments.
  3. Advanced melody instruments performance, playing music with contemporary melody.
Features of lectures:
  1. Unrestrained imaginations.
  2. Knowing representative music.
  3. Intellectual modern elements.
  4. Taste of music.
  5. Caring for humanity.
  6. Playing musical instruments.
Options of lectures:
  1. Introduction lecture-Brighton Fantasia introduction
  2. Elementary lecture-Brighton Fantasia accompaniment
  3. Advanced lecture-Brighton Fantasia melody

Music classes

6 contents:
  1. Fundamental music theory
  2. Etudes techniques
  3. Classical music
  4. Contemporary music
  5. Music production of recording studio
  6. Ann Ensemble Music Concert
3 contents:
  1. Music close to life
  2. Learning music conveniently
  3. Contemporary classical music
2 Features:
  1. Learning music happily
  2. Growing in a sense of accomplishment

★★Contents of options:There are two styles of either music production in recording studio or student concert every summer vacation


Music workshops

Characteristics of music teaching:
  1. Learning musical instruments, and playing music
  2. Guide to musical instruments
  3. Music creations with ariettas from 0 to 8 measures
  4. Music phrases and complete music
  5. Diverse possibilities and personal music creations
  6. Performance of collections of bagatelle music
Options of workshops:
  1. Contemporary music creation workshop