About Ann Ensemble

Chamber Esemble

Specializes in contemporary works, and its repertoire focuses on traditional classical style while incorporating the innovative techniques of 20th century modern music. The performers are all the ones of modern music. Our aim is to bring contemporary people closer to modern music.

Style of Ann Ensemble

Ann Ensemble acts as a connection between contemporary and classical music by showing a dignified and playful light music style, as delightful as tea time music. We believe that classical elegance and fashion trend of music can create for community a music atmosphere, and broaden a new vision for people.


Background of Musicians

Ann Tsai Pianist Composer

Director of Ann Ensemble / Head of Ann Tsai Music Studio

Graduated from Department of Music At National Taiwan Normal University, the director of Ann Ensemble has been working in the field of multicultural music for years, and also has work experiences in education, social welfare, health and culture. Being grateful for abundant resources of music, the director has dedicated to audio digital production, thus showing more people contemporary music.

I-Chao Su, the violinist
Shao-Chi Lo, the violinist
Pei-Chun Shih, the flutist
Yung-Tang Hsu, the pianist
Cheng-I Hong, the violist
Ying-Wang Chang, the cellist
Yu-Ju Hu, the clarinetist
Ai-Ju Chen, the flutist
Kai-Wu Tan, the hymnist
, the violinist
, the violinist
Ching-Yi Lin, Pianist
Ship-Che Hung, Composer

Activity record